Sensivo is for clinical researchers using Excel

We replace the Excel database you are using in your clinical research, instantly enabling collaboration, GDPR compliance, and simplifying your data management.

Import a research database
Import your Excel database and instantly become GDPR compliant
A spreadsheet interface
Sensivo blends Excel and eCRFs together, increasing your efficiency
Secure collaboration
Invite your research team to Sensivo and give them appropriate access
Powerful features
Advanced filtering, data validation on the fly, real time collaboration & more
Peter Stenvinkel, MD, PhD, Head of Division of Renal Medicine

Why Sensivo

Most clinical research data management software are built on the Case Report Format (CRF). CRF is designed for clinical trials, which only account for a small fraction of all clinical research studies. Among the main drawbacks with CRF is the lack of flexibility and time consuming data entry. This is where Sensivo comes in. We have reconstructed the spreadsheet so it can securely store sensitive personal data in the cloud. Saving researchers valuable time and helping them stay GPDR compliant.

Saving researchers time

The spreadsheet format of Sensivo allows researchers to import existing databases and work with data on thousands of subjects at a time, as opposed to in CRF software, where the focus is on one individual at a time.

Privacy by design

Sensivo is built from the ground up around data security and GDPR compliance. This allows researchers to focus on their research and study subjects to know that their sensitive personal data is in safe hands.

Built for collaboration

Modern clinical research is collaborative in its nature, and team members might be spread all over the world. With Sensivo multiple researchers can work with the data at the same time from anywhere in the world, and be sure it stays safe and secure.

Tony Qureshi, Researcher

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